Company Secretarial Work

A company is required under company law to maintain certain statutory records/registers.

It is also required to periodically update the records held by the Registrar of Companies at Companies House. Delivery of the latter used to be generally by post – but use is now principally made of electronic filing. This includes an annual Companies House return and for example details re the appointment/termination/change in particulars of directors and shareholdings etc.

We will also prepare and file on-line the abbreviated version of business accounts that have to be filed with Companies House.

Filing is compulsory and there are time limits and penalties for companies that fail to meet the filing criteria and in extreme circumstance the Registrar can have the company stuck-off. .

We will ensure that Companies House issue an acknowledgement of receipt of the filed documents.

A company has to have a registered office and we can offer this facility at our business address.